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Available Product Offerings

Ginkgo Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)


Key Investment Features of Ginkgo MIC:

● Objective: Preserve investors' capital while providing superior returns through mortgage
investments, ensuring a steady income stream for stakeholders.

● Investment Vehicle: Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) with flow-through capabilities,
enabling shareholders to receive 100% of net income, eligible for various registered portfolios
such as RRSP, RESP, TFSA, IPP, and RRIF.

● Security: All mortgages underwritten by Ginkgo are secured by Canadian real estate and
approved by an accredited committee.

● Portfolio Status: As of the last quarter of 2023, Ginkgo holds $140 million in mortgages directly
underwritten by its MIC assets, diversified over 425 loans, with an average loan size of
$329,635. The overall Loan-to-Value (LTV) stands at 68.57%, with approximately 89% of loans in

● Subscription and Redemption: The minimum initial subscription is $10,000 (1,000 Preferred
Shares). The minimum subsequent investment amount is $5,000 (500 Preferred Shares).
Closings will occur on a continuous basis as subscriptions are received and accepted. It is
expected that all accepted subscriptions will be effective on the last day of each month and
settled within three (3) business days. After the first 6 months of investment, preferred
shareholders may on a monthly basis request redemption of any or all of their outstanding
shares by providing 30 days advance notice to the corporation, in its absolute discretion.

Past Product Offerings

Bradford, Ontario:  Middleton


Issued by Chancery Seniors Housing Investments, The Middleton Seniors Housing Complex acquired 2.07 acres of development land located at 558 Holland Street West, Bradford, Ontario to develop, build, and lease-up a 122-suite seniors apartment building designed to provide accommodation for seniors in a secure environment with access to a host of services including a geriatric medical clinic.

Stoney Creek, Ontario: Grandview


Issued by MTCO Holding Inc., Centennial (Stoney Creek) Grandview Retirement  Residence is located in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, adjacent to the affluent Stoney Creek neighborhood. Central location with access to retail, restaurants, parks and health care providers. Designed to provide seniors with accommodation in a beautiful neighborhood with a host of services and amenities. 1.85 acres of development land, a 158-suite building including 131 independent supportive living units, and 27 assisted living units. 

Onttawa, Ontario:  Canoe Bay


Issued by Suske Capital Inc., Mooney’s Bay (Ottawa) Seniors Community Real Estate Limited Partnership - Situated in a prime location in Ottawa, Canoe Bay Seniors Community will offer seniors apartments and a seniors residence creating a continuum of care for the residents. It will also have 1.5 acres of outdoor green space for the enjoyment of the residents and local community. Canoe Bay's Vision is to provide an ideal setting for people to aged-in-place in Ottawa in a vibrant community with a full spectrum of services to help promote a healthy, active lifestyle. The site is situated between three hospitals and parkland in the established community of Ottawa South. The building phase will include 247 suites in the form of seniors apartments and 265 seniors residence suites.

1816_MU Cafe_exterior_Dusk R02.jpg
1816_E_Hero_Dusk R01.jpg
1816_E_Terrace_Dusk R02.jpg

Arkansas - Tennessee, US: Avenir


Avenir Seniors Memory Care Residences is issued by Suske Capital Inc. Avenir Memory Care South LP is managing three memory care residences in Arkansas and Tennessee. These residences include: 1) a 56 suites residence located in Knoxville, Tennessee; 2) a 59 suites residence located in Fayetteville, Arkansas; and, 3) a 59 suites residence located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

For more information regarding current investment offerings please contact

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