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Join Our Team as a Dealing Representative (DR)

About Us:

As a fast-growing Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) company, we pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation, client satisfaction, and employee growth. At Tyche Global Financial, we're committed to empowering our Dealing Representatives (DRs) with the tools, technology, and support they need in the dynamic world of financial services. 

Position Overview:

As a Dealing Representative, you'll play a pivotal role in our organization by acquiring and managing client relationships, introducing exempt market products, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. You'll have the opportunity to leverage our diverse investment products, cutting-edge technology, and supportive management structure to achieve your sales targets and drive revenue growth.


  • Identify and prospect potential clients interested in exempt market products.

  • Conduct thorough client needs assessments and provide suitable investment recommendations.

  • Build and maintain strong client relationships through effective communication and regular updates.

  • Ensure all activities comply with relevant securities regulations and internal policies.

  • Stay informed about changes in regulations and update processes accordingly.

  • Collaborate with the sales team and other departments to maximize opportunities.


  • Valid industry certification (Canadian Securities Course (CSC) provided by Canadian Securities Institute (CSI); Exempt Market Proficiency Course (EMP) provided by the IFSE Institute).

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Ethical and compliance-focused approach to financial services.

  • Proactive and self-motivated with a drive to achieve targets.

  • Ability to collaborate effectively within a team environment.

Why Tyche Global Financial:

  • Adopt Investment Products that Meet Investors' Objectives: We're dedicated to adopting various investment products that align with our core values, empowering DRs with solutions that meet their clients' objectives.

  • Technology-Oriented Strategy for Enhanced DR Performance: Our technology-oriented approach includes an Online Investment Platform, streamlining processes and promoting efficiency.

  • Supportive and Communicative Management System for DR Success: Our management structure provides guidance and open lines of communication, empowering DRs to excel in their roles.

  • Exceptional Qualities Aligning with Industry Standards: We embody excellence across all facets of our operations, from fair commission distribution methods to comprehensive compliance supervision.

What We Offer:

  • Competitive Commission Structure: Clarity and transparency in commission calculations, with performance driven incentives.

  • Access to Diverse Investment Products: A variety of solutions to meet various investment objectives.

  • Performance Recognition: Rewarding top performers through incentives and acknowledgments.

  • Technology and Tools: Our Online Investment Platform facilitates client outreach and streamlines processes.

  • Client Support Services: Multi-language support to address client inquiries, allowing DRs to focus on sales.

  • Marketing Support: Assistance in reaching a broader client base and expanding sales opportunities.

  • Training and Education: Ample resources available to ensure DRs stay informed about industry trends and regulatory changes.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Assistance: Guidance and support to navigate regulatory requirements effectively.

How to Apply:

If you're ready to join a dynamic team dedicated to excellence and innovation, we'd love to hear from you! Please submit your resume and cover letter outlining your qualifications and motivation for this role to

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