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Tyche Held Seminar for Clients


Tyche hosted an online seminar meeting for clients on May 6, 2020. More than 30 clients attended the meeting. The meeting focused the discussion on the current situation of the Seniors Housing industry under the pandemic period. Furthermore, Tyche provided updates on the progress of the investment projects which Tyche’s clients have invested. The seminar lasted two hours. The customer responded warmly to the seminar meeting and Q&A session.


Annual Training for Dealing Representatives

2020-04-23 / 2020-05-08

In accordance with the compliance requirements, Tyche organized two training seminars for its registered dealing representative on April 23 and May 8, respectively. All the dealing representatives attended both seminars. During the training seminars, CEO of Tyche highlighted the importance for dealing representatives to manage a good customer relationship during the pandemic period; and the CCO provided explanation of the documents updated according to the latest regulations of the OSC.

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