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About Us


Headquartered in Toronto, Tyche Global Financial Inc. (“Tyche”) is a fast growing capital market firm licensed to trade in exempt market securities. Established in March 2017 and registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in February 2018, Tyche is dedicated to identifying private investment opportunities aligned with its core values and investor objectives. Our values drive our investor-centric approach, leveraging technological innovation and fostering open communication to deliver Sustainable, Ethical and Transparent (“SET”) private investment opportunities. With a seasoned management team, extensive industry networks, and collaborative partnerships with top-tier professional service providers, we uphold exemplary industry standards while actively pursuing strategic investment expansion and innovative service model integration to enhance client accessibility and portfolio offerings.


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Mission & Vision


Our Mission
Tyche is dedicated to identifying private investment opportunities that align with its core values and meet the investment objectives of its investors, following a thorough due diligence and screening process.


Our Vision
To be recognized as a trusted financial institution offering Sustainable, Ethical and Transparent(“SET”) private investment opportunities.

Tyche's Values


  • Access to a variety of Private Investment Opportunities

  • Ethical Investment theme

  • Understandable Business Model

  • Viable Risk-Adjusted Returns

  • Transparent communication and information disclosure

  • Convenient Subscription and Self-Monitoring procedure

Why Tyche Global Financial

  • Investor-Centric Approach: Tyche is committed to selecting diverse investment products that align with our core values and cater to the specific objectives of our investors.

  • Technological Innovation for Convenience and Sustainability: Tyche embraces a technology-driven approach to streamline the investment process with enhancing convenience for our clients.

  • Supportive and Open Communication: We prioritize a supportive and open communication culture within Tyche, ensuring our clients feel valued, heard, and empowered to achieve their financial goals. Our management structure fosters transparent dialogue to facilitate success among our Dealing Representatives.

  • Exemplary Industry Standards: Tyche sets the benchmark for excellence in the Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) industry, from fair commission distribution methods to consistently robust performance, reflecting our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and value to our clients.

Growth Strategy

  • Strategic Investment Expansion: Tyche actively seeks outstanding performers across diverse industries, thereby broadening the scope and opportunities for private equity investments.

  • Global Collaborations for Asset Management Excellence: Tyche continues exploring collaboration opportunities with institutions both domestically and internationally, aiming to establish and collaborate on high-quality asset management projects to enhance our portfolio offerings.

  • Innovative Sales Model Integration: Tyche is actively pursuing the integration of online and conventional subscription models to cater to the evolving needs of our clients. This includes the development of an online investment platform that complies with regulatory requirements, offering clients a wider range of investment choices and enhancing accessibility to our services.

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